My Table Project 2020 – Modern Computer Table

My Table Project 2020 – Modern Computer Table

Assalm o Alykum

Here i am Sharing my experience of making Table, This Table completely built by me, Actually this is not guide to make table but i am sharing some videos and contents i have recorded during making it.

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How did i plan?

All i Draw Structure First

I am sorry for my poor drawing, i am not an artist, First of all draw what i want to build, then i planned cutting structure.

Note: Don’t copy my exact structure if you are planning i have made some changes too.

Portable Stands

These are Portable Stands, it can be join with some screws, I painted it with simple spray pain (Silver 900 Color)
Strong Iron Stands18 Gauge 1.5 inch

Double Drawers

Some Work was still pending like Paint, During Covid lock down,

I have made some of my drawers double, there was reason because most of the time it really make annoy to keep things on top of other things. So for my all different items i made multi organizer drawers. I got these ideas from kitchen drawer lol, i saw ladies organizing different sizes of spoons and forks in kitchen drawer so the same idea came into my mind i should organize my usb, chargers etc.

USB & Storage Organizer Drawer

Now i am easy to manage my all usb drives with labled, before everyday my kids take my one drive and was playing with it lol. Now all are settled into one drawer and i can lock it easily.
Computer table 2020USB/Storage OrganizerAll Hard drives and SIms etc in one Place

some work is pending like i have ordered black leather fabric to install on this foam.

2x Right & LEft Snacks/Coffee Slide

Now it’s easy for me to eat snacks and keep coffees separate, i ruined my many keyboards due to coffee cups.
Left & right both sides have this slides.

My Personal Apparel Drawer

This cabinet was easy to built, but the double draw really developed a tough challenge for me, But i manage to create it. I have used artificial leather with some foam help, used simple bounding solution for it.
is not it beautiful?

Down side work pending, there i will keep my wallet/passport vehicle keys, and some other personal accessories only.

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